An Interview with Christian Bök

Christian Bök discusses:
The Xenotext, science and avant-garde futures

Time, Space and Ghosts of Form: Giorgio de Chirico’s Hebdomeros

Ed Sugden asks:
Where have time and space gone?

Four Poems – Rachel Abramowitz

Rachel Abramowitz is a DPhil student at Oxford and has an MFA in Poetry from The Writer’s Workshop in Iowa

An Interview with China Miéville

China Miéville discusses:
Surrealist influences, genre fiction and cityscapes

Four Poems from Constellations – Ian Pindar

Ian Pindar’s debut poetry collection, Emporium, is out now, and his second collection, Constellations, will be published next year, both from Carcanet.

The Concept Is Interesting

Stephen Ross asks:
Who is Robinson Jeffers?

Not Simply for Those Moments’ Sake: A Retroactive Manifesto for Late- Twentieth Century Pop Music

Alex Niven asks:
Where has the magic moment gone?

Prose: Pour des Esseintes – A translation

Stephen Ross translates Mallarmé