An Interview with Lynne DeSilva-Johnson

The OS is as agile, as prismatic as it needs to be to meet the needs of the many complex systems with which it needs to intersect and dialogue. In this way it’s my mirror—or a mirror of any of us who’ve learned that we need to be chameleons to remain adaptable and resilient.

Two Poems

Who likes dusk?
We should be wary of dusk,
when eyesight goes a little blurry.

In memory / Lee Harwood (June 6 1939 – July 26 2015)

when i hear your voice, Lee, i can’t help
feeling i want to sound that beauty of pausing

from Graphic Novella

You can see right away there are
at least two stories—

Sequence from Jack and Jill

Jack & Jill went up the hill
to the windy keep of Troy
This was long before
apnea set in and all our woe

Transaction History 6

it is not the collection, but the collecting, that brings wings.

Two Poems

Then is it that unsaid faces meet alone.


just say the word usufruct and levitate

Four Poems by José Eugenio Sánchez

do not charge this woman with making me blow my head off

for bringing the song of her waist to my lips