An Interview with Ron Silliman

“I think writers are always realists. I think Joyce in Finnegans Wake is a realist. What is interesting is the question of what’s real.”

Five Poems

“I looked in the mirror
and liked what I saw.”

The Astronomer’s Dream: Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life

“What if cinema was a branch of metaphysics?”

Two Poems

“Don’t say beauty say the beautiful”


“now and then
you were
at the delta of living”

Gazing Fixedly Upon Infinity: Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp

“The black of the infinite and the blue of stellar transition, heaven, the cosmic sea, are balanced in contrast by the white of the moon-sphere, the soap bubble pipe, and the ghostly border which both separates and connects the lower portion — the physical realm — to the stars above.”

Sor Juana

“Metaphor is sin she thinks, foot-deep in snow. God’s love is ever.”

Subtle Bonds of the Encounter: Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) / bpNichol (1944-1988) / Ibn Arabi (1165-1240)

“What if metaphysics was a branch of cinéma fantastique?”