An Interview with Robert Coover

“Narrative, it seems to me, is by nature immersive, both for the writer and for the reader. You may stay on the surface of a text in the sciences, or in scholarship generally, but story is meant to draw you inside. From the oral taletellers to the present time, the artist’s task and reader’s joy is this absorption in story. It’s why we laugh aloud while reading, why we cry at the movies. And it’s what we fear to lose in the more restless digital world.”

Two Poems

Can you write your way out of this

Art in the Age of Economic Recession: B.S. Johnson and Ben Lerner

“Confronted with a dominant mode of expression, Lerner finds ways to revivify its language, finding an almost lyric beauty in words thought stripped of poetic currency – they radiate back into the world, stepping lightly as though new born.”

Not Beyond All Conjecture

“Something no American has yet achieved”

Two Poems

Don’t be smart. Only uphill one way –
But I went barefoot in both directions.


“The joke never fails to amuse. That said, certain conditions must be met.”

Exit Row

You will buy your life
as a series
of “experiences”

Cimetière Marin

Time’s temple, summed in a sigh’s loneliness
I accustom myself to the cliff’s crest
surrounded by the sight of burning sea

Getting Wires Crossed / Science Fiction in Conversation

Alexandra Manglis
“While science fiction provides us with its awkward, often graceless, technologically advanced futures, we arrive, haltingly, at our past, surprised that we have actually, as a race, lived through science fiction.”