An Interview with Joshua Corey

I’m interested in older poetic forms in an almost Benjaminian sense, as artifacts that have outlived their world, which when resurrected Frankenstein-style bring certain utopian resonances as well as modes of critique to bear.

Three Poems

I love basements / plastic fruit too / there’s no sense of here or now

Love, Sorrow and Joy: Aubade for the Irish Poetry Avant-Garde

Irish alternative and experimental poetry is much more visible a decade into the twenty-first century than it was at the century’s turn, when the debate about the status of the Irish avant-garde was being vigorously thrashed out on the pages of journals and internet forums.


a little wind / posts the useless news: the sun / has not yet, not yet, been removed.


They spend a beautiful day together, no strife, no suspicion, no anxieties, no doubt.

Virtual Commodity: Objects and Deep Pockets in Adventure Video Gaming

If one were to plot a spectrum of artistic media according to the degree to which an observer feels as though he or she is participating in the origination of the narrative, videogames would rank among the most dynamic, the most participatory.


The problem isn’t whether to disguise / a faded subject but is one of seeing: / if you ever were and whose you might / have been.

The Cemetery by the Sea

The future brought here idles, undoing.