An Interview with Cyrus Console

“I think poetry’s odds, at this point, are as good as those of any other human endeavour, maybe better.”

On Being-With

“There is a pleasure in this contraction and expansion, the diminishment of the sphere of speaking and the enlargement of the texture of air”

Three Poems

“He called ‘beloved Son Herman’ / docile and amiable, backward in / speech and somewhat slow in / comprehension.”

The Heroic Cry in the Midst of Despair

“Their forms, colors and motifs conform to a sacred language.”


“I doubt that I can escape doubt.”

Two Poems

“For what duration / can purpose be / suspended?”

Severance Songs

“Avant-pastoralists do not shy away from or whitewash the disunities, contradictions, deceptions, and dangers of post-industrial reality”

From “Communist Couplets”

“Now my 2 p.m. insists on a Cape Verde wedding.”