An Interview with Peter Cole

Unless, of course, one begins to see in the world itself an infinite series of poems in the process of constellation. A series of shifting and at times revelatory sets of relations.

The Likht Variations, With Snakes & Stones

yiddish symphonies
up from the depths
its waters
from a stone


I say that now is a desert of periphery

An Interview with Mary Ruefle

Yes, I’m still wasting my life, and it does seem to be, for me, a personal requisite for writing my poems.

Little Gals

I shiver / & shine in my thicket / of one.


sixty ticks
and twenty-six

The Dumb Shopper Meets Peter Quince at the Clavier: Get Me To the Market, to Sell My Poems, on Time

Both heir and secessionist from Stevens’ monolithic presence, and determined to out-derange the surrealists’ involutions of reason, Christle’s verse stands out as ballast and vanguard for the oneiric work of her generation

all who come from there

b/c all my goings are
toward the from-where.
b/c the nothing is.
the nothing exists.