Issue 12

Creative from Robert Duncan, Anna Maria Hong, Anthony Opal, Cecily Parks, Rae Armantrout, and Tim Atkins. Translations of Valerie Mejer Caso by Michelle Gil-Montego.

Issue 11

Creative from Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Bob Perelman, Joseph Massey, Maxwell Clark, Donna Stonecipher, Rob Halpern, Michael Heller. Essay from George Ttoouli. Interview with Lynne Desilva-johnson. Translations of José Eugenio Sánchez by Anna Rosenwong.

Issue 10

Creative from M. NourbeSe Philip, Jonathan Skinner, Lisa R. Spaar, Nick Thran, Katherine Factor, Simon Turner, April Pierce, Patrick Milian, Stephanie Yorke; Essays by Dan Beachy-Quick, Dorothea Lasky, Alicia Rebecca Myers.

Issue 9

Interview with Margaret Vandenburg; Creative from Dorothea Lasky, Erín Moure, Eleni Sikelianos, Lauren Shapiro, and Laura Straub; Essay by Caryl Pagel.

Issue 5

Interview with Josh Corey; Creative from Dan Beachy-Quick, Barbara Claire Freeman, Diana Adams, John Culbert and Tim Smith-Laing; Essays by Sarah Bennett and Paul Sweeten

Issue 4

Interview with Ben Lerner; creative work from Lydia Davis, Geoffrey G. OBrien, Joshua Corey, Nicola Gardini and Vidyan Ravinthiran; essays by Richard Cole and Rhys Williams

Issue 3

Michael Heitkemper-Yates interviews Robert Coover; creative work from John Ashbery, Rae Armantrout, Lisa Steinman, Stephanie Yorke, Tim Smith-Laing; essays from Alexandra Manglis, John Culbert and Ed Sugden

Issue 2

Stephen Ross interviews Ron Silliman; creative work from Peter Gizzi, Jennifer Thorp, Aaron Belz and John Steen; essays by Omar Berrada, Ed Sugden and Michael Heitkemper-Yates

Issue 1

Interviews with Christian Bök and China Miéville; creative work from Ian Pindar, Rachel Abramovitz, Stephen Ross; essays by Alex Niven, Ed Sugden and Stephen Ross