Welcome to The Water Closet

Wave Composition’s new corner of regular updates, book reviews, bits of interviews, anecdotes, and gregarious editorials. The Water Closet opens its doors on Wave Composition’s very first birthday and the release of Issue 5. It also opens its doors, for the journal’s first time, to comments from you, our readers.

So first, thank you for reading us. We weren’t sure if Wave Composition would just be another voice in the internet void but you’ve let us know that we’ve made contact. There is nothing more gratifying to us than sending you our issues of poems, essays, interviews, and short stories wrapped in an internet bundle every few months.

Second, a huge thank you to those who risked their professional credibility by taking part in our first issues, not knowing if our project would actually work out. China Miéville, Christian Bök, Rachel Abramowitz, Ian Pindar, and Alex Niven didn’t just help us make our debut issue, but set an exacting tone for all the issues that were to follow.

And since then we’ve managed to get poems from John Ashbery and Rae Armantrout, stories from Lydia Davis, interviews with Ron Silliman and Robert Coover, essays on Alfred Jarry, Salvagepunk, and Joseph Cornell, and beautiful translations of Italian and French poetry.

The big hitters aside, publishing up-and-coming writers like Jennifer Thorpe, Stephanie Yorke, Vidyan Ravinthiran, and John Culbert, all of them in the midst of getting or searching for their first book contracts, has been perhaps the most rewarding and exhilarating part of starting Wave Comp. As newcomers to the literary scene, it’s been important to us to find the cutting-edge voices that are also just arriving.

In our last editors’ meeting we ran through the contents of our fifth issue: An interview with Josh Corey; poetry by Dan Beachy-Quick, Diana Adams, and Barbara Claire Freeman; John Culbert’s short story; the final entry of Tim Smith-Laing’s Valery translation; Sarah Bennett’s essay on the Irish avant-garde, and Paul Sweeten’s essay on thingness. Every entry made an impression. Every poem, story, and essay we included in this issue took our breath away, delighted us, or surprised us. And it’s been like that from the first day we started working on Wave Composition: a series of wonderful surprises, as writers we admire and respect continue to come and share their work with us, and our audience continues to receive us with enthusiasm. We’re thrilled to be here. 

We hope you feel the same way.

-The Editors

  • Angus Brown

    The feeling is mutual. New site looks great.

  • Stephanie Yorke


  • Angus Brown says:

    The feeling is mutual. New site looks great.

  • Stephanie Yorke says: